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Control is what dominates the logistics industry, and our partners deserve to be in control. At Haversack, we strive every day to ensure that our clients are the ones in the drivers seat.


How would you like to have a team on your side with first-hand industry knowledge? We understand the problems that come across your desk – claims, invoice errors, dropped loads... In this industry, time is money. So stop wasting yours. Let our team lighten your load.


We help you, business owners, answer the questions you need to know in order to grow and move forward. Are you winning or losing? How did your team do today? Where can you improve? Sit back and allow Haversack to provide you with the analytics to move your business forward.


Reduce the stress of auditing your freight bills by sending them to us. You pay one invoice, not thousands. And you're only paying what you absolutely need to.

Haversack OS

Our easy, simple to use operations system will do all the work for you. Walk away and let the Haversack OS input your shipments faster than you could call a carrier. Our system will track shipments, receive invoices (without an excess of emails) and allow you to get your valuable time back.