At Haversack, we pride ourselves on the changes we've made in the logistics industry. Every day, we get to see the incredible, direct impact we've had on our clients. We understand that change isn't always easy, but change is the only path to a brighter future.

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We are not a 3PL

We believe that 3PLs need to be eliminated. The bottom line is: there is nothing a 3PL can do for a shipper in the LTL and FTL industry that they can’t do for themselves. America needs a better option and a better advocate. At Haversack, we provide you with that alternative, and stop you from becoming a target of 3PL greed!

We are your asset based advocate

It’s tough to negotiate with trucking companies directly. A trucking companies’ representatives’ job is to advocate for their company first, and that’s understandable! Haversack is comprised of leaders with extensive background in the industry, and we know industry language and how the game is played. Now we get to be on the other side of the table, confidently advocating for our clients, and putting their needs first.