Meet the Designer of the Haversack: Cassidy Burel

Meet the Designer of Haversack's very own haversack!

This is Cassidy Burel – She’s a fashion designer based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Cassidy always had an interest for art and drawing as a young kid. She found her niche market in fashion and designing in college and decided to pursue an entrepreneurship in creating evening apparel and gowns.

Creating the haversacks was a new project for Cassidy, and the process included a lot of research, costing, and prototype building. Cassidy did everything herself – from concept to execution, whilst working closely with our team to make changes to the bag before landing on a final design. Cassidy said that something she really enjoyed about the process of creating the haversacks was the certainty that the bags allowed. “With fashion, things can change quickly,” she stated, “especially with dresses. I really liked the certainty that this project allowed. The bags are all very exact. Figuring out numbers and how much fabric I needed... After I got into a groove, it was easy to crank the bags out!”

The first prototype of the bag took her between 8-10 hours to create, but after a few bags, she was able to create each one in a solid 4.5 hours.

Cassidy added a piece of advice to anyone seeking a new project: “Keep yourself from saying no, even if you doubt yourself in the beginning! You’d be surprised how much you can enjoy something that you’ve never done before. Be the YES man! It’s so much easier to hire the yes man. Even if you’re not sure at first, say yes, and then figure the rest out as you go along.”

We loved working with the talented Cassidy Burel on this project and we thank her for all her hard work in making our vision come to life! We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Cassidy in the future. Be sure to check out her website to see more of her work.

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