Haversack and Optistics Establish Strategic Partnership

Haversack is constantly looking for ways to evolve and grow with the industry and world around us. When given the opportunity to collaborate with companies who also share this goal, we like to jump at the chance – And this week, we did just that!

Haversack is proud to announce a new partnership with Optistics. Optistics is a SaaS platform that supports businesses shipping parcels/packages. Their platform provides full package visibility, tracking status, and alerts for all packages added. Optistics has integrated the tracking data for over 100 different global carriers so that a business can have one platform to manage all of their parcels, no matter who they shipped the package with. Optistics has also begun to integrate some AI and machine learning which helps them to predict when a package will be delayed, even before a carrier alerts of the delay.

Our partnership with Optistics will provide both of our companies with new revenue streams and an expansion of products and services.

Brett Fritz, CEO of Optistics, said, “Haversack is a great company that is changing the way businesses are controlling their logistics and freight costs. This partnership will provide Optistics with a new set of products and services to offer to our clients while supporting Haversack with parcel tracking and analytics when their clients need it.”

Brett Fitz, Founder and Javier Ultreras, Co-Founder

The Optistics platform provides detailed shipping analytics and delivery crisis management reports to help businesses better navigate and get ahead during those times when a package sent to a customer is delayed. With Optistics, businesses will have access to package visibility for over 100 different shipping carriers and will have all of the shipping data and analytics readily at their fingertips so they can provide optimal customer support to their clients.

“Haversack is really good at freight management, Optistics is really good at parcel tracking and analytics, working together will provide both of our companies a lot of added value," Said our CEO, Chris Nadeau, "We have clients that have asked us for parcel tracking and analytics and Optistics has been asked to provide freight pricing and quotes, now we both have a solution to provide to our clients."

The Optistics and Haversack partnership is now available and referrals back and forth are underway. Later this year, we plan to fully integrate each other’s capabilities to provide a seamless offering within both company platforms.

About Optistics ( Package delays are a big problem. The Optistics intelligent shipping analytics platform provides businesses of all sizes with better visibility, data analytics, and package journey details on all of their outbound shipments. Optistics has over 100 shipping carriers connected to its platform and supports businesses whether they ship one package per year, one million packages per month, and size business in between.

About Haversack ( Haversack is the future of logistics. Our insource solution pulls back the vail to the greed of the third-party logistic companies. Our number one focus is to advocate for our clients. We want to empower them with our customized solutions which makes them not only good at logistics but great at it. Our clients will learn how to effectively do their logistic operations inhouse. We provide them with technology, live analytics, freight audit bill and a team of logistic professionals. Haversack understands that cost reduction doesn’t always mean you are profitable. For this reason, we bring the best solutions to the table. Every day, we get to see the incredible, direct impact we've had on our clients. We understand that change isn't always easy, but change is the only path to a brighter future.