Why do some companies and their leaders stubbornly defend yesterday and resist the future? Is it because of the comfortability present? Is it because the status quo is easier to deal with? Easier than the unblinking courage that's required to stare unknowns of the future straight in the face? 

​The present: A familiar and known comfort zone where little is grown.  The future?  That’s a different beast, filled with the crazy joyrides of unpredictable adventure, and exploring the unknown. ​

For some, the future is a scary, intimidating place to be, but it’s the ONLY place for leaders who dare to look far beyond the benchmarks and boundaries of the present. 

At Haversack, we’re on a daily mission to deeply question the present, challenge what's comfortable, and discover buried treasure that lies in the future.


As a disabled veteran-owned business, we proudly borrow from military history for inspiration about that future. The haversack itself is a highly organized backpack made of sturdy cloth that dates back to the U.S. Civil War. It was how soldiers carried an extra forty rounds of ammunition and four days' rations.

In a literal sense, haversacks lightened the load on military supply chains. Gave front-line troops what they needed, when they needed it, in real time.

Metaphorically, this versatile backpack is a symbol of how we view supply chain logistics, seeing what you need ahead of time.

Making damn sure it’s there when you need it.

There is nothing to be afraid of...

Architectural Structure




Semi-Truck on Overpass
Image by Jude Beck


We are driven by the values closest to our hearts, and at Haversack, family always comes first. We accredit our success to upholding these core standards.

Capturing Art


Our business model is fresh and unique. Our team has learned from their past as logistic experts, to create a model that benefits and strengthen our partners.

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior


We fight for our partners and advocate for their best interest – going toe to toe with our competitors to make sure our partners get the best service possible.

Image by Noah Windler


We are committed to constantly evolving and pursuing positive change that will further our company culture, our team, and lives of our clients.